Where To Start

Omelettes are the perfect quick and easy breakfast, lunch or supper dish. Just one minute of quick cooking and you can have a delicious French omelette on the table to enjoy with crusty bread and a few salad leaves or a sliced tomato.

All you need is an omelette pan and eggs to stretch a few slices of ham and a little grated cheese to feed the whole family by turning it into a tasty omelette filling.

Learn the simple "how to" tips and techniques to turn out perfect French omelettes time after time. Turn to the troubleshooting page of common omelette problems if your first attempt could be improved on. Get ideas for fabulous omelette fillings that make an everyday meal into a feast.

Slow cooked omelettes are another trusty dish to feed a family. They take longer to cook, but look after themselves in the pan while the table is set and a salad prepared. Try the traditional Italian frittata, or the Spanish potato tortilla, which can both be served hot or cold, alongside a salad or made into a filling sandwich in a crusty roll.

For ease and innovation, experiment with oven-baked omelettes and make up your own filling combinations or try some of our tasty suggestions.

Take a trip round the world, discovering the huge variety of omelettes that have evolved in far flung places like Japan, China and Indonesia, showing just how versatile eggs can be.

Learn how to make an omelette a delicious last-minute dessert, served with a sweet filling, even better when turned into light and fluffy soufflé omelette.

The health facts on eggs and omelettes show that an omelette is a highly nutritious meal forming part of a good balanced diet – check out the long list of essential nutrients packed into the humble egg and resolve to include omelettes on the menu at least once a week.

Everybody should learn how to make an omelette. Let's start today