Oven Baked Omelettes

Most omelettes are cooked in a pan on the stove-top, either quickly like the French omelette or slowly like the Italian frittata. However another easy way to prepare a thick filled omelette, like the frittata, is to bake it in the oven. This is the perfect solution when you are feeding a larger group of people and don’t have a large enough pan, or just when you want your omelette to cook happily on its own without having to keep an eye on it. Oven baked frittatas tend to rise and become slightly puffier than those cooked on the hob but other than that they have exactly the same flavour.

The preparation method is exactly the same as for an Italian frittata and the range of possible fillings is as wide as your imagination allows. You can use up a smorgasbord of leftovers or prepare a subtle combination of ingredients. Stick with traditional Italian fillings such as spinach, potato and parmesan, or branch out into a fusion combination of feta and roasted butternut with cinnamon. This is a very forgiving dish that can take a lot of innovation and inspiration.

This method is also a good choice if you are making a frittata to then cut up into cubes for canapés. The square format of an oven-proof dish makes it easier to create even squares and the egg should be cooked nice and evenly all the way through.

Other alternatives are using muffin tins to cook the omelette mixture in to produce individual round omelettes, perfect for snacks, lunch boxes and picnics.

The correct temperature for an oven-baked omelette is 400F / 200C.

Small muffin tin omelettes will take 8-12 minutes and larger oven dishes of omelette about 20 minutes.

They are cooked when they have puffed up beautifully, are springy to the touch and golden in colour. Over-cooking will result in rather dry and unappetizing omelettes so set your timer and take them out as soon as the egg is set.

Follow the usual rules of omelette making:

If you want some inspiration for fillings check out the fillings page or try some of the following:

As with the Italian frittata you can use up leftover sauced spaghetti in an oven baked omelette, adding a generous sprinkling of parmesan and it makes a filling meal that kids will love.

You can also bulk out your eggs with fresh breadcrumbs to give a lighter, slightly less rich texture.

Let your imagination be inspired by whatever ingredients you have available. Oven-baked omelettes are perfect solutions to family suppers when the fridge is almost bare.